Tall, thin cypress trees growing out of Black Lake, near Campti, Louisiana. The leaves have turned in fall hues. The sky is cloudy. The scene is reflected clearly on the lake's surface. White cranes dot the trees near the horizon.

about A. Almond Harvey

A. Almond-Harvey first began writing in permanent marker on the backs of her mother's furniture pieces. (She is particularly proud of the work that remains on the buffet). She also once built an art center for her Barbie's and G.I. Joe's out of her father's encyclopedias. In retrospect, these facts represented strong foreboding which indicated the paths her life would take.

Almond-Harvey has spent 30 years working in various theatrical disciplines, from the stage and behind it, and in both front and back of house. In 2015, she was diagnosed with the first of many chronic illnesses and disabilities. She was working as a contemporary and aerial dancer at the time. When Almond-Harvey asked the doctor what these diagnoses meant to her dance career, her doctor informed her that "as long as you don't spin around, hang upside down, jump, or exert yourself for any length of time you should be okay." Almond-Harvey took this to mean that her doctor had never seen dancing. However, she had re-written her life many times over in response to deaths, births, moves, the whims of people she had given too much power over her life, excommunications, and boredom, so after a period of grief she chose not to fear but instead to re-write her story yet again. In all the many things Almond-Harvey has done she has always written about them, and thus she's practicing the art of calling herself a "writer."

A. Almond-Harvey is also the founding and presiding Executive Director of abrasiveMedia, a nonprofit in Nashville specializing in artistic collaborations. Through abrasiveMedia, A. Almond-Harvey has facilitated over 500 artists since 2004. She is currently working on a collection of poetry and short stories about her life entitled Instead of Dying, I Wrote This Book. A. Almond-Harvey specializes in world-building which she expresses through writing, design, event planning, and creative production, and most recently crafted the narrative for Haunted, a Southern-Gothic site-responsive performance that was not a play in Nashville, TN. www.abrasivemedia.org