On Deciduous Plants in the Winter Cycle

Deciduous trees in a cold fog of winter.

(it’s like this) and now I lay me down to sleep. old leaves breaking free, falling to the earth, to break apart in the soil. old dreams will nourish new ones. soon, my roots will sense water soon, the sun warming me will activate my enzymes and it will be time to create life. but I am not an evergreen. …

Little White Lies

A tree in the shape of two faces back to back; the side of the tree on the left is without leaves, and the side on the right is full of leaves. The image is in black and white.

I did not fear the truth because of your possible reaction; I feared the truth because of my own reaction.

An Old Witch and A Magic Chair

“I remember the smell of the food cooking on the stove; I remember running and laughing though the clumps of grown-ups, seeing a room full of boots and shins and knees like so many stalks of the river cane in my backyard that made up the tall forests for my playtime.